Can Mold Affect My Pets?

The health benefits from mold removal homeowners know well are not exclusive to your human family members. Your furred company can face serious health problems when exposed to mold infestations. Out of all the existing mold types, only a few are known to be toxic for our species, but that’s not the case with domestic animals. Even the average mold types detected during the mold inspection are known to have negative effects on a pet’s health.

Dangers Of Mold To Pets

The information about health implications and effects of human exposure to mold, as well as the importance of mold remediation households need, is widely available. Unfortunately, the effects it has on the animals in our homes are not a commonly discussed topic. Indoor pets spend a fair amount of time in the same spaces, and even in small cages. This means that they would be continuously exposed to an existing infestation, which can have more serious effects on their health.

Keeping Your Pet Safe From Mold

Once you’ve spotted the areas where mold is growing, make sure you keep your pets away. Consider hiring a service for mold damage restoration as soon as possible to avoid the spread of spores through the feet and fur of your friend. If you think your pet is suffering from mold, take them to the vet immediately.

A mold-free environment is essential for keeping a healthy home for your family. That’s why we offer the exhaustive mold inspection homeowners recommend, to find the root cause of the mold growth and spreading. We’re committed to identifying issues like moisture and situations in your home that might be behind any infestation in order to get rid of all toxins. We have the best results in mold removal companies offer.

How Does Mold Spread Throughout Your House?

Mold is an extremely common problem that the majority of homeowners have to face at least once in their lifetime. Some homeowners are unaware they have a mold problem because they don’t know the signs to look for. There are some definite signs and symptoms that indicate that there is a mold infestation in your home and you need to call for mold remediation. Some obvious signs include:

  1. Cracked wallpaper
  2. Mold growing on the ceilings and walls
  3. A damp and musty smell
  4. Dampness in certain areas of the house
  5. Mold growing on furniture
  6. Mold spots on clothing or other places

Health issues associated with the presence of mold:

Not only does mold affect your home and personal belongings, but it can also affect your health. If you or any member of your family is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it could be due to mold growing within your house.

  1. Irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat.
  2. Lung damage – this is only in extreme cases of long-term exposure.
  3. Fever-like symptoms.
  4. Excessive sneezing and coughing.
  5. Watery eyes and runny nose.

If anyone is experiencing any of the symptoms, it is important that you contact a mold specialist for mold removal services.

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